Did Dallas McCarver Take Steroids?

Steroids are just destroying the bodybuilding industry and fitness industry.

It is sad for all the fans that we lost Dallas McCarver too.

Dallas McCarver steroids

Somehow, the steroids could have played a part in the death of Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana

So it is true that Dallas McCarver took steroids?

Before answering, it is important to look the Dallas background.

Who Is Dallas McCarver

Dallas McCarver was a famous bodybuilder and definition of European and American boy

In the fitness world, Dallas nickname was “Big Country” because he is a big man and weighed sometimes around 330 pounds.

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Most of the analyst has projected him for the next decade, but unfortunately his life journey’s end at the 26 years old and found dead at his home.

Because he had a bigger physique so he builds huge on the social media.

Dallas was always looking bigger and muscular his young age and he has a passion to become a football player.

He just won the Pro Card at the age of only 21 years old.

Dallas also won the competitions in the IFBB for 3 times out of 10.

His achievement includes in NPC Battle at the River Championships 2011, IFBB California State 2015, and IFBB North American Championships 2012.

Dallas got huge fame in his career through social media around 500k followers.

He was running his own website (Dallasmccarver.com), where he sells supplements, MRE- Meal Replacement and other products.

Meal Replacement offers 500 calories per serving, included with 50g of protein, oats, pear, blend of protein, and sweet potatoes.

Athlete Statistics Dallas Mccarver
  • Weight of the body: 255-265Ibs (115.6-120.2kg)
  • Height of the body: 6’ (183cm)

While a man with 6’ height has a limit to build up the 184Ibs or 83.5kg

The natural range is exceed around 71lbs which is only possible by the steroid use.

While Ronnie Coleman is shorter than Dallas by one inch and gained 305-315Ibs, Ronnie had used steroids during his bodybuilding career.

Rich Piana was also the steroid user and weighed around 275-285lbs

You can also hear the death of Rich Piana.

May you know what is the cause of his death?

Rich Piana had the history of 30 years steroid use and died due to the heavy dose of steroid.

In Rich opinion: The abuse of drugs, steroids, and stacking can kill you

Dallas McCarver Collapsed

Dallas collapsed and got attention in the year 2017 at the time of Prejudging in the Arnold Classic Australia 2017.

CLASSIC AUSTRALIA Bodybuilding Results

After that, Dallas was posted a status in which he blamed his collapse to a respiratory infection or bronchitis combined with dehydration.

He also apologized to his fans for that incident.

Whereas Shawn Ray predicted that Dallas would have suffered from the respiratory tract complications, when he posted a video In which Dallas McCarver was criticized due to a huge steroid gut.

Whereas Bostin Loyd started to attack the video that he was just trying to protect his nutrition and the supplement line as well.

Bostin supported his statement that other competitor said Dallas was having convulsions on backstage, which would not cause due to the steroid use.

Dallas McCarver had the medical history of dyslipidemia (Elevated level of LDL and low level of HDL).

He had suffered from a chronic cough with shortness of breath.

Dallas also has a history of using the steroid or illegal drugs without a prescription. There are many prescription diet pills online which can cause real damage to your body.

The elevated aminotransferases and respiratory symptoms also experienced in his life.

While, early atherosclerosis and hypertension is related to family history.

The Dallas Mccarver Autopsy Report Released

It has been six months since the death of Dallas McCaver.

Dallas McCarver Autopsy ReleasedWhile the steroid question was not answered but the answer finally revealed after the death of Dallas McCarver.

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The manner of death was natural while according to autopsy report the cause of death is Severe Concentric Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Combined With Coronary Artery Atherosclerosis.

The autopsy findings are severe cardiomegaly, heavy lungs, hepatomegaly, hypertrophy of the kidneys, coronary artery atherosclerosis, and papillary thyroid carcinoma.

The testosterone levels are too high.

The total test level of testosterone 55,000ng/dl means he was on 10 grams or 4 bottles of testosterone per week.

Despite testosterone, the Trenbolone metabolites were also reported

His test was also positive for the marijuana metabolites and caffeine.

The autopsy result was enlarged liver and kidney which are due to the long-term use of Human Growth Hormone.

Dallas McCarver Steroids

There are some rumors are also spread that the Chad Nichols followed a steroid cycle of Dallas McCaver and became huge.

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Do not follow this cycle because It may kill you misfortune.

You can take the variety of drugs and steroids, but always remember you must have the gifted genetics for aim to Mr. Olympia.

Drugs do not play a copious role and a greater portion depends upon genetics and hard work.

Dallas McCarver Steroid “Death Cycle”

Do not follow this cycle because it will kill you.

Dallas McCarver's Death Caused By Steroid Abuse

Take care of your health should be a first priority.

1. Growth Hormones:

The benefits of Human Growth Hormone are massive like it plays a role to prevent from the anti-aging process, promotes the growth of muscle, shredded excess fat and boost up the immune system where the side effects include enlarged organ, edema, Insulin resistance, carpal tunnel syndrome and may be fatal.

The dose is 22 IU’s per day.

2. Insulin

The insulin is used for achieving anabolic properties.

Insulin is widely used by the bodybuilders to stimulate the muscle growth and supply of proper nutrition towards the muscles.

The side effects are the development of steroid gut due to the stacking of Insulin and growth hormone.

It can induce coma, dizziness or fatigue, sweating, and blurred vision.

The dose is 25IU’s per meal

3. Again Insulin:

The 100 units of Insulin more in the morning for long-term effects and taken complete advantage of what you eat throughout the day.

4. IGF-1 Pharma Grade:

The dose is 10-15mg’s per day used for boosting the muscle mass and Increase in energy, performance, and recovery time period.

The long-term use can cause cancer, grow tumors and cause hypoglycemia.

5. Anadrol:

Anadrol is considered as a powerful anabolic steroid used to increase strength and promote muscle mass.

The normal or recommended dose is 25-50mg per day, but Dallas was used 300-400 mg per day means 10x.

The side effects Include in Imbalance of hormone level and increase in the estrogen effects

The overdose can cause liver toxicity.

6. EPO:

EPO used to increase the Red blood cell count for improving the circulation of oxygen in all over the body.

The increased circulation of oxygen and blood play role to enhance the endurance level.

The overdose can increase the risk of cardiovascular and even heart-attack.

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The dose is 7200 IU’s per day

7. Halotestin

Halotestin is another potent steroid used for the hardening of muscle and developed strength.

It can create the androgenic problems and organs strain

The dose is 40mg per day

8. Masteron

Masteron is used for hardening of the muscles and enhanced the vascularity

The side effects are loss of hair and enlarged prostate.

The dose is 700 mg per day

9. T3

The T3 is a thyroid hormone used for improving the metabolism rate and stimulated fat loss.

The side effects are insomnia, headache, and anxiety.

The dose is 75mcg’s per day

10: NPP (Nanadrolone Phenypropionate)

NPP is a simple version of Nadrolone Decanoate Or Deca Durabolin, which can promote the protein synthesis, increase the growth of muscle and strength.

The side effects include a high estrogen issues

The dose is 1000mg per week

11. Primobolan:

It is the mild steroid and uses for lean body and gaining of muscles.

The side effects are severe such as the DHT issues.

The Primobolan dose 1000mg per week

12. Winstrol:

This Winstrol anabolic steroid is used to harden the muscles and provide dry look.

The side effects are associated with an androgenic issues, for example: hair loss, enlargement of prostate, dry joints and liver strain

The Winstrol dose Is 100 mg per day

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