An Important Step Forward

After 8 years of union busting, poor environmental votes, and a failure to take on Wall Street banks in the Attorney General's Office, it's time for an Attorney General who represents what the people want.

Andy Dawkins "wants to limit money in politics, protect private data and stop copper-nickel mining in northern Minnesota. He's been speaking out on civil rights, environmental issues and what he sees as the shortcomings of his former party...With six candidates in the attorney general race this fall, he's making the most noise in what is typically a quiet contest." [MPR]

As Attorney General, Andy will demand equal justice for all. Click here for more information about Andy's positions, and here to join the campaign. Together, we can take an important step forward.

  • Campaign Updates

    DNT: Candidate's View: "I'll Stand Up to Corporate Interests"

    By Andy Dawkins, Published in Duluth News Tribune October 16, 2014

    For too long we’ve discussed the health of the economy and that of the environment as if they are separate things. They are not. They are part of a whole and are together fundamental to our health and well-being as Minnesotans. Our public conversations need to better reflect that.

    Perhaps nowhere is this need made clearer than in the case of the PolyMet copper/sulfide mining proposal (and any that may follow). I am informed that the project will provide 300 to 500 shorter-term jobs. I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to stand together in support of dignified livelihoods for all. And, as you will learn if you talk with the many people in the organized labor community who know me from my decades of public service, I stand in solidarity with them for workers’ rights.

    To me, though, standing for workers’ rights also means looking to the longer term, for I also am advised of a near certainty of unconscionable damage to our waters and habitats associated with the PolyMet proposal. It is the job of the attorney general to protect Minnesota and Minnesota’s resources.

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    Politics in Minnesota: AG Candidates Pillory Absent Front-Runner

    By Mike Mosedale, October 10, 2014

    In the first debate of the season in the race for attorney general, three of the six candidates met Wednesday night on stage at St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, where they fielded questions on topics ranging from police brutality to the environment to the student debt crisis.

    Considering the proximity to Election Day, the tenor of the proceedings was unusually collegial — at least in terms of the interactions between those present.

    “Gol darn it, we’ve got to find an area where we disagree,” Andy Dawkins, the former DFL state representative from St. Paul, quipped to Brandon Borgos, the Independence Party candidate.

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    Endorse Andy


    Andy Dawkins is running to be the people’s Attorney General, an authentic alternative for all Minnesotans who want a place to vote their discontent with politics as usual. Andy is running to win, and bring new independent voices into the political system at a time when they're needed more than ever. In order to help demonstrate Andy's support, will you add your name to our list of endorsements?


  • Upcoming Events
    • Phone Bank 10/23 3 rsvps

      Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 05:00 PM
      Dawkins Campaign Office in Saint Paul, MN


      It's time to get out the vote! Join #TeamDawkins at the campaign office and help make phone calls letting Minnesotans know that the Dawkins campaign doesn't play politics with justice.

      Snacks will be provided!

    • Phone Bank 10/25 2 rsvps

      Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 12:00 PM
      Dawkins Campaign Office in Saint Paul, MN


      The election season is picking up and we need your help! The Dawkins campaign does not accept PAC or corporate donations so we don't have the #BigMoney our opponent does to flood the airways with glossy ads.

      Join #TeamDawkins at the campaign office and help make phone calls letting Minnesotans know that the Dawkins campaign doesn't play politics with justice.

      Snacks will be provided!

    • University of Minnesota Attorney General Debate 1 rsvp

      Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 06:00 PM
      Anderson Hall Room 270 University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN

      rsz_1debate_lori_afraid_u_of_m_copy-1.jpgCome see the candidate Lori Swanson and Scott Newman are afraid to debate.

      Students at the University of Minnesota have invited all candidates to attend what will be the second debate of this Attorney General race.

      The only way to keep our democracy healthy and functioning is through inclusive conversation and we hope you can join us.

      From the organizers (Students Against Police Brutality):

      "The focus of this forum will be on issues of police brutality, the prison industrial complex, the war on drugs, and environmental issues. The entire second hour of the forum will be devoted to unscreened questions from the audience: Make your voices heard!"


  • Volunteer sign up


    DSCF3928.JPGThe system is broken but together we can do something about it! Andy is standing up against powerful interests to provide Minnesota voters an authentic alternative to the big money, two-party stranglehold on our system. But he needs your help to make this happen. Are you ready to join Andy in the fight? We invite you to join us.

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